Canning Basics

John's Kosher Dill Pickles
Knowing how to safely pickle foods is one of the foundation skills used by home canners worldwide.  In today's episode we are joined by Roxie Dinstel from... Read more
Strawberries Fresh From the Farm
No matter how long we've been cooking or home canning, there's always something new to learn.  Today's session lists the 10 things I learned when... Read more
Image of Botulism Toxin, Source: Centers for Disease Control
Today's session provides a great review on preventing botulism and food poisoning. With the new growing season underway, timing is perfect for home... Read more
Troops from 290th Regiment of 75th Infantry Division, Battle of the Bulge, January 1945
In this Memorial Day special, I get to interview a dear friend who served and fought as a member of the US Army in World War II.  My friend, Howard Rosov... Read more
Pint of Pickled Beets - $9.99
Check this out - $9.99 for just one pint-sized jar of pickled carrots or beets. They're promoted as made in Minnesota (which does make me feel kinda bad... Read more
Cold, Rainy Spring Days in the North Woods
Whether a novice or seasoned in the art of home canning, all will benefit from this week's show.  I introduce you to three of my must-have, go-to... Read more
With winter over, our planning can finally turn to the hope of a new growing season.  These warmer days bring with them the promise, if not the... Read more
Cookies Dry Mix, Ready to Go!
An often overlooked benefit to home canning and food preservation is the amazing time savings it can provide later on.  In today’s show I talk about using... Read more
Winter Walks With Philly
First I talk about the biggest canning mistake I’ve ever made in my kitchen.  Then, I walk you through three simple recipes I use that take advantage of... Read more
This is part 3 of a 3-part series on pressure processing.  Today's session is aimed primarily at those who have a pressure canner with a dial gauge. We... Read more
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