In the Garden

Two Generations of Tomatoes Come Together
After having failed in my efforts at growing tomatoes from seed this year, I went out and bought some starter plants locally which I planted this weekend... Read more
Starting Seeds Indoors
Had enough of the extremes brought about by this year’s polar vortex?  I sure have!  Soon enough, the seasons will turn and a new growing season will be... Read more
Fruit jams are one of the easiest things to make. Yet those new to home canning can find even a basic raspberry jam intimidating. To break it down for you... Read more
I know, the calendar says it's April 23rd.  But you sure wouldn't know it by looking in my backyard this morning.  Yet one more in a series of late season... Read more
As April approaches here in the North Woods part of the country, it's time to give thought to Berries! Berries! Berries!  Soon enough there will be... Read more
Typical Minnesota Scene - Late March, 2013
It's Saturday, late March, 2013. This morning I was out walking Philly (my dog) and I was marveling that, "oh yeah, it became spring this week." But it... Read more
Though it's March here in Minnesota, minds (and hopes) can't help but look ahead to this year’s gardens.  This of course leads to the peak in Canning... Read more
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