For all your hard work home canning this year, don't you think you deserve a break - and a treat?  Today I give you both as I introduce you to the concept... Read more
In home canning as well as in life, we sometimes get off our game; some call it "losing our mojo".  You know that feeling:  Things aren't quite right, we... Read more
Homemade Yogurt with Strawberry Jam
One of the best parts about making your own yogurt at home is how easy it is!  If you like yogurt, you'll definitely want to give this a try. In today's... Read more
Cookies Dry Mix, Ready to Go!
An often overlooked benefit to home canning and food preservation is the amazing time savings it can provide later on.  In today’s show I talk about using... Read more
Winter Walks With Philly
First I talk about the biggest canning mistake I’ve ever made in my kitchen.  Then, I walk you through three simple recipes I use that take advantage of... Read more
Today we talk about canning soups and chicken with my guest, Diane Devereaux, the self-proclaimed "Canning Diva". By learning how to can soups or chicken... Read more
Today I’m going to teach you how to make mustard – how cool is that?  This week''s show offers a wonderful diversion from mainstream canning.  I will also... Read more
Apples.  There are so many wonderful things we can make with apples.  In today’s episode I start with a foundation apple item that is easy to make and... Read more
Ingredients Needs for Salsa Are Pretty Basic
Over the years I’ve tried making salsa many times, using many different recipe variants.  I never really liked any of them.  They were too hot, too mild,... Read more
A Kosher dill pickle relish recipe with a genuine east-coast deli flavor is a tall order. In today's episode I tell you how to do it! I give some... Read more
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