Water Bath Processing

In home canning as well as in life, we sometimes get off our game; some call it "losing our mojo".  You know that feeling:  Things aren't quite right, we... Read more
John's Kosher Dill Pickles
Knowing how to safely pickle foods is one of the foundation skills used by home canners worldwide.  In today's episode we are joined by Roxie Dinstel from... Read more
Home Canning Cherries
The cherries are in!  Will you be home canning cherries this year?  If so, what do you plan to make?  With so many choices, you'll find the effort so... Read more
Strawberries Fresh From the Farm
No matter how long we've been cooking or home canning, there's always something new to learn.  Today's session lists the 10 things I learned when... Read more
Image of Botulism Toxin, Source: Centers for Disease Control
Today's session provides a great review on preventing botulism and food poisoning. With the new growing season underway, timing is perfect for home... Read more
With the holidays and their related feasts fast approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time we talk about one of the foods widely associated... Read more
Today I’m going to teach you how to make mustard – how cool is that?  This week''s show offers a wonderful diversion from mainstream canning.  I will also... Read more
Apples.  There are so many wonderful things we can make with apples.  In today’s episode I start with a foundation apple item that is easy to make and... Read more
Peaches are one of the easiest things to preserve while offering some of the highest rewards.  Though labor-intensive, home canning peaches requires no... Read more
Tomatoes at the farmer's market.
Learning how to can tomatoes provides the foundation to any cook's well-stocked pantry.  Doing so is not only easy, it also takes advantage of the fact so... Read more
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