John's Handpicked - September 29, 2015

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Canning Salsa

Great pictures to introduce you to making salsa.  Clever ideas at the site too.

Sticking to the Basics

New Book Releases in Canning & Preserving

These are some of Amazon's best results for the latest Canning and Preserving literature. I'm very excited to look through "Food Gift Love" by Maggie Battista, which has a promising review from Marisa McClellan, the author of one of my favorite preserving blogs, Food in Jars. Have you read any of these? Let me know!

Stuff I Thought Was Just Interesting

Old-Time Methods of Preserving Food

Ever been curious about what the early settlers ate? Me neither, until I read this article. We’re talking pre-canning preservation methods, bear bacon, boar back fat, proto-cereals and recipes for corn I never would have thought of. Have you even eaten a sarvis berry before?

Sticking to the Basics

Home Canning Concepts

It’s impossible to summarize how informative this one resource is. This is THE most universally accessible, easy to understand, thorough collection of the ins and outs of canning and preservation I have come across online. They have guides to the heating pattens inside of jars, the chemistry of canning, nutritional values, sugar-free and salt-free mothods- I could go on and on. Bookmark this and use it for any of your canning questions.

Sticking to the Basics

Canning Low Acid Foods – Vegetables and Meat

Our friends at the University of Alaska Cooperatve Extension Service wrote this nice 4-page overview of pressure canning.  Their site remains one of my top recommendations!  (Link takes you to their page.  You can download the PDF from there.)

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