Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer

Effective Date:  25-March-2013:

John P. Gavin and his company, North Woods Ventures, LLC (“NWV”), strongly support transparency on the web.  In that spirit, we want you to know this important disclosure:

  • From time to time, we will talk about certain products and/or service providers, including providing links to those products and/or service providers on this site, on which NWV will earn what’s called an “affiliate commission” for any purchases you make. As this is the ONLY way we make money from running this site, we are also VERY grateful for your supporting us this way. 

The Canning Season (“CS”) website, podcast, and related brands are owned by NWV.   Our goal with CS is to provide advice, tips, inspiration and a sense of community as related to the topic of home canning and food preservation.

NWV is structured as a for-profit business.  Here’s how it works: We give you access to great content and guests for free.  But it costs money for us to produce all of this content.  In return, if you click on certain of the links on the site and make a purchase when you do so, NWV may earn a commission.  And you earn our deep appreciation for your support!

So we thought it would be helpful to share some elements of how NWV conducts itself and how we actually make money with this site.

General Disclosures

Maintaining trust with our listeners is critical.  There will be occasions when NWV will earn compensation directly related to people buying the products or services offered on the CS website.  Sometimes NWV will even earn compensation through your buying the products or services of our guests.  So here are the ground rules, all of which are discussed in greater detail below:

  1. We believe so firmly in maintaining trust with our listeners and readers that our policy is to set up affiliate relationships only with companies whose products and/or services we personally know and can recommend.
  1. People cannot pay NWV or its owners or employees to have their products featured or discussed on the podcast or in the blog.  If a guest has been invited to appear on the podcast, or if we talk and/or write about any product or service, it is because we have a genuine interest in the products/services and/or expertise of that guest, and think the audience will too.
  1. We frequently provide links to the sites of my guests and other sites of interest with no compensation to NWV whatsoever.
  1. When in doubt, we recommend you just assume any and all links appearing on the CS website are links for which NWV earns a commission.  This is not always the case.  But it’s a safe default if you don’t want to give it much thought.

Finally, you can rest assured that we will endeavor to disclose anything that could be deemed a conflict of interest by a reasonable person and also to stay in full compliance with all applicable laws and rules governing the activities of this site.

Use of Affiliate Links – Also known as “Compensated Links”

There are certain instances where NWV will receive compensation for goods or services purchased through someone clicking on a link at the CS website.  That is called an “affiliate link” and will be labeled as such. This is the only way we earn money for running this site so we are very grateful when you support us this way.  When in doubt, we recommend you assume any and all links appearing on the CS website are links for which NWV earns a commission. 

To illustrate, NWV is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  That means that anytime you click on an link on the CS website and proceed to immediately purchase a product at Amazon, NWV will earn a small commission. 

Uncompensated Links to the Web Sites of My Guests

Yes, links placed on the CS website can be a nice way to generate sales for a guest after his or her appearance on the show.  You heard about the guest, you think it’s cool, you use the link. 

It’s pretty simple and we don’t mind extending that courtesy to a guest who was gracious enough to give us time for an interview.  Again, we frequently provide links to the sites of my guests with no compensation to NWV whatsoever.  These links are placed so our listeners can easily learn more about or even buy the products or services or a guest.  In addition to my mentioning it in the podcast episode itself, these links would typically be posted to the CS website as well.

Free Stuff

Sometimes a guest will provide us with product samples, services, or certain other items of value ahead of their interview.  This is a common practice that enables us to get a better understanding of the product or service that a guest will be discussing on the show and, hopefully, make for a better episode.  When this happens, we will tell you about it during the episode in which the guest appears.

- END -