Fruit jams are one of the easiest things to make. Yet those new to home canning can find even a basic raspberry jam intimidating. To break it down for you, in today’s episode I walk you through just how easy it is to make raspberry jam. I add a special twist to the basic recipe by introducing the notion of adding a bit of orange to your basic jam recipe.

In addition we talk a walk through the garden, learn why oregano can easily get out of hand in your garden, and what’s now in season in this part of the country.

I also introduce a new section featuring people celebrating and sharing the abundance that comes with the home canning and food preservation lifestyle.  I very much welcome hearing your own stories going forward and may even feature one in a future episode!

I share some wonderful listener feedback and answer a question sent in from a listener.

The recipe for making raspberry jam is taken directly from the Ball Blue Book of Preserving.  Those who would like to buy a copy can click on the photo below.

Ball® Blue Book Guide to Preserving

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