Had enough of the extremes brought about by this year’s polar vortex?  I sure have!  Soon enough, the seasons will turn and a new growing season will be upon us.  To help you plan and get ready for growing a garden perfect for home canning and food preservation needs, today I am joined by Chelsey Fields, a horticultural expert from Burpee.

In a wide-ranging and fun discussion, Chelsey gives us great tips for planning your garden, starting seeds indoors, and things to think about as you lay-out what you plant.  She also gives us a great recommendation on a tomato she says is ideal for our home canning needs.

Products and Links Mentioned in Today’s Show —

Burpee.com - Tomato HP Logo

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Burpee products recommended for home canners by Chelsey in today’s interview –

  • Tomato, SuperSauce Hybrid
  • XL Ultimate Growing System
  • Corn, On Deck Hybrid

In response to a listener question, I recommended calling Presto®, the people who made the canner I use.  Here’s the phone numbers to use as well as an Amazon link if you want to buy a new canner.

Presto Phone Numbers:

  • Customer Service – For Parts, troubleshooting, help with the canner itself:  800-877-0441
  • Test Kitchen – For questions with processing, recipes, etc.:  800-368-2194

Click to see the Presto 16-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner from Amazon (affiliate link).  This is the canner I use!

TimeShare Users Group.  In today’s show I talked briefly about renting a timeshare for my winter vacation.  This is the site I used to originally research and find my rental.  While I’ve found the site to be reputable, I can’t vouch in any way for anyone you might try to rent from.  Proceed with appropriate caution.

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