Whether a novice or seasoned in the art of home canning, all will benefit from this week’s show.  I introduce you to three of my must-have, go-to resources I rely on for my own home canning and food preservation efforts.

Seasonal canners will benefit by refreshing themselves on techniques, concepts, and processes that form the foundation to safe home canning.  Those new to home canning will find trusted places to learn and get started.

I also walk you through listener questions, something I really enjoy receiving.

John’s Must-Have Resources Mentioned in Today’s Show

Listener Questions Answered in Today’s Show

  • Does it matter what kind of vinegar I use in my home canning?
  • Do I have to sterilze my jars when home canning?

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show (Affiliate links)

Raspberry Plant Collection Used in My Berry Patch icon(from Burpee)
Tomato, Super Sauce Hybrid (from Burpee – I’m growing these myself!)
Carbonite Online Backup   I use this to back up my computers.  They offer a free trial to get you started-no credit card required.
Hilton Hotels – My favorite hotel chain.

Canner I use:  Presto 1755 16-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner (Amazon)

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