In today’s episode we talk about disruptions in the food supply and their connection to home canning & food preservation.  To help answer those questions, we take lessons from how they package a popular food item in the United States known as Pop-Tarts®.

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Kellogg’s originally created Pop-Tarts after Post first developed a similar product, Country Squares.

When you buy Pop-Tarts, you get two Pop-Tarts, not just one, in every foil packet.  Why two?

And what’s that have to do with hurricanes, pandemics, and home canning?

You’ll find these answers in today’s episode.  As usual,y there’s lots of story-telling and tips & tricks to help you with your home canning and food preservation.

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Note:  Pop-Tarts® is a registered trademark of Kellogg North America Company.  The image here is solely for illustrative purposes.  Plus, Cherry Pop-Tarts are John’s favorite flavor.