As we wrap up the growing season, we turn to fall home canning, That means the holidays and all the abundance that comes with them are not far away.

To get us there, today we are fortunate to have with us Wendy Rose, a Master Food Preserver.  We is trained by the University of California Master Food Preserver Program and has some great tips and tricks to help with your home canning and food preservation efforts all year long.

The following comes directly from the website of The UCCE Master Food Preservers of Sacramento County

“To teach research-based practices of safe home food preservation to the residents of California.”

– UC Master Food Preserver Mission Statement

“The University of California Master Food Preserver Program extends UC research-based information about home food safety and preservation to the public. The UC Master Food Preserver Program is a public service and outreach program under the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) administered locally by participating UC Cooperative Extension county offices.

The UC Master Food Preserver Program is an example of an effective partnership between the UC Division and passionate volunteers. In exchange for extensive training on home food preservation from the University, UC Master Food Preservers offer volunteer services and outreach to the general public in 17 California counties. Last year 447 UC Master Food Preservers donated more than 18,908 volunteer hours! ”

Interested in finding a Master Food Preserver course near you?

The following link comes to us from — Master Food Preserver Courses