In today’s show, we talk about safely pickling foods.  This is a foundation skill used in home canning worldwide.

Seasoned home canners will benefit by refreshing themselves on the fundamentals of pickling,  This includes a review of the related techniques, concepts, and processes central to safe home canning.

Those new to home canning will learn ways to safely get started.

As always, I talk about what went right and what went wrong in my own home canning.

Things we Talk about in Today’s Show

  • What is pickling?
  • What can I safely pickle?
  • Does it matter what kind of vinegar I use in my home canning?
  • The difference in salts.
  • Canning pickles, salsas, vegetables.
  • Ideas for the novice to start pickling.
  • Ways the experienced canner can get creative with pickling.
  • Pickling meats, eggs, and fish.

Things I Recently Made that I Talk about in Today’s Show

  • Kosher Dill Pickles – They are safe, but didn’t turn out as I hoped!
  • Refrigerator Pickles – This is where the extras went for good-eating right now.
  • Sweet pickle relish – Turned out great, but I forgot to add some heat to the sweet.
  • Corn relish – This was my first time making this and I loved how it came out.

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