Today, we talk about what it takes to get your jams and jellies to set.

  1. Pectin – what it is.
  2. The concept of “a set” and what it means.
  3. Best method of testing for set.
  4. Pectin’s role – to pectin, or not to pectin.
  5. Making your own pectin.

Made a lot of jam since we last got together –

  1. Strawberry vanilla
  2. Strawberry japaleno
  3. Cherry
  4. Chery almond
  5. Blueberry, and,
  6. A raspberry / blueberry combo.

Also made my incredible blueberry muffins. It’s a special treat that I love to make when the berries are freshest.  Of course I have a little of John’s touch, a little sum-sum, to make them really great.

Note:  You’re not hearing things.  In the audio, I called this episode #43 by mistake. It really is supposed to be episode #42. By the time I discovered the mistake, it was too late as the show had posted.  -john