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Every so often I’ll be putting out a list of articles I’ve found to be interesting and worth sharing. These articles will range from growers reccommendations, gardening, canning, recipies, tips, tricks, and other information you – my wonderful audience!!! – might appreciate.

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Sticking to the Basics

Harnessing the Fizz of A Ferment: Homer Gets A Lesson From A Pro

Whether a baker, cheese maker, or even beer maker, fermentation it is a complex, yet widely used food preservation technique.  In this delightful article and accompanying audio clip, you’ll read/hear about a guy who was in Alaska to talk about the art of fermentation.  I’ll bet this makes you want to know more!

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Tips & Tricks

15 Canning Tips to Save Time, Money, & Energy

Kathie’s tips offer a good mix of material for those new to home canning as well as fresh ideas & suggestion for those of us who have been doing this a long time.  I liked it!

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Lifestyle, Celebrating, Sharing

Canning makes more than just food

This is a pleasant story of family values passed on through a grandmother teaching the joys of canning.  I found it in a local Oregon paper.  A teenage grandaughter sums it up nicely, “I like to make salsa because me and my grandma made it together.”

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How to Vacation Like It’s 1999

Oh my goodness, did I enjoy this article I found in the NY Times!   For those old enough to remember a time before smartphone and the internet consumed our lives, this piece gives you some ways to both recall, and maybe even recreate, what it was like to vacation without the klaxon-call of email, social media posts, and selfies.  I really like this kind of stuff!

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Recipes, Spices, Flavoring Ideas

No Canning, No Vinegar, 24 Hour Easy Dill Hamburger Pickles

OK, I admit it – I’m on the lookout for an easy ice-box pickle recipe.  This one sounded easy enough.  Try it and let me know what you think!

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