John's Handpicked Canning Articles

Wow, is the Canning Season in full swing!  Just made some nice pickles about a week ago.

Every so often I’ll be putting out a list of articles I’ve found to be interesting and worth sharing. These articles will range from growers reccommendations, gardening, canning, recipies, tips, tricks, and other information you – my wonderful audience!!! – might appreciate.

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Recipes, Spices, Flavoring Ideas

Things You Should Make, Not Buy

I feel like I discovered a secret trove of great recipes ideas on some great basics, comfort foods, and kitchen staples.   “From marinara to mustard, more than 20 recipes for dishes and pantry staples that are so much better homemade …”

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Sticking to the Basics

A Great Resource on Preservation Basics

This article has special pages on preserving herbs and root cellaring, two things I don’t usually run across.  They also have sub-sections on simple presevation methods and water bath canning.  I liked too the end-of-summer preservation guide.  This is worth checking out!

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Tips & Tricks

First Time Canning Peaches

Morgan does a nice job sharing what she learned in her first time canning peaches.  The article is short, the pictures nice and bright!  She’s got a great site too.

Stuff I Thought Was Just Interesting

Dehydrate To Preserve Food

Dehydrating food has always intrigued me.  This article gives a nice introduction to the concept.

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How refrigeration changed the way we eat and live

What would our lives be like without refrigeration?  Seriously, have you ever given this so much as a second thought?  Ice houses, ice wagons are long in our past.  This curious article and accompanying audio clip will surely make you think about the profound ways refrigeration changed the world.

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