Learning how to can tomatoes provides the foundation to any cook’s well-stocked pantry.  Doing so is not only easy, it also takes advantage of the fact so many of us already grow tomatoes in our own gardens.  In today’s episode I walk you through the basics of canning tomatoes.  I also include updates on my own canning  and gardening efforts as well as some format changes you can expect from the podcast and newsletter going forward.

Listen to today’s episode and you will learn —

  • How to make barbeque sauce from ketchup.
  • A trick for making great kosher dill pickles.
  • Why I chose to process corn as the last item prepared in a 12-hour day’s worth of canning efforts that included kosher dill pickles, pears, and grape jam.  In the picture below I have just finished heating up the pulp porttion of concord grapes and am now filtering out the seeds from the juice.
  • Why you can’t trust some of the videos and blog postings you see on the internet regarding home canning.
  • My botulism experiment with improperly processed corn.  In the picture below the middle jar of corn was improperly processed in only a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.  Note the color difference between the larger jars which were properly processed in a pressure canner.  These pictures were taken day of canning.

A step-by-step of how to can tomatoes.

You can click here for a really nice 4-page PDF from the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Service covering these steps:

  1. Equipment
  2. Tomato selection
  3. How to easily peel tomatoes.
  4. Recommended methods for processing.
  5. Need for adding acid and why I prefer lemon jouce as the acid I add to my tomatoes.

You can go here for Marisa McClennan’s recipe for Home Canned Marinara Sauce.

In today’s show I also respond to comments posted on iTunes regarding the Canning Season podcast as well as answering quetsions raised in a phone message left by a listener including the following —

  • What is the shelf life for canned goods?
  • Do you have to eat the whole contents of a jar of food once you open it?

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