Placing jars of freshly canned goods into a pot of boiling water as a means to safely preserve your goodies for later consumption is one of the primary recommended ways to safely do home canning.

In today’s episode I get into the step-by-step you go through to process your food using the bolling water method.  I also give you some tips and techniques for handling your jars from the moment you put them into the water until the day after when they are cooled off.

Listen to this episode and you will learn —

  • When to use the boiling water processing method.
  • Step-by-step guidance for successful boiling water processing.
  • How to best handle the jars through the whole process.
  • Why it’s essential you not touch the lids for 12-24 hours once processing is complete.
  • What to do with your jars the next day to prepare them for long-term storage.
  • Ways to ensure you really do have a good seal after the jars have cooled and processing is complete.
  • The importance of selecting the correct processing time, especially at higher altitudes.

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