I know, the calendar says it’s April 23rd.  But you sure wouldn’t know it by looking in my backyard this morning.  Yet one more in a series of late season snow storms hit us last night here in Minnesota.

Not to worry!  They assure us we’ll hit 60 F by the weekend and this will be long gone.  For now, this fresh April snowfall sure makes for quite the pretty picture as I write this morning.  There’s no denying that.

Besides, all this extra snow is exactly what our drought-striken part of the country needs right now.  The ground has now thawed that when it melts is goes right into the soil where it is so deperately needed.

As I’ve gotten older one of the most valuable things I learned was to take our blessings anywhere we find them.  That starts wtih enjoying this beautiful moment that’s before us today – even if it is snow-covered!