Do you like it?  If so, then it’s a good wine for you.

Back when I first started taking cooking and wine-tasting classes, about 10 years ago, I was perfectly happy drinking pink zinfandel with my Kraft Mac & Cheese.  In fact, I loved it.  For where my palate was at the time, that was just fine for me and my girlfriend at that time.

If you’re into home canning, then you probably already have a desire to learn new things and make wonderful treats for your friends and family.  Using that as my own motivation, I’ve since learned to make a far better mac & cheese from scratch.  It’s got real cheese, ham, veggies and chemical additives.  I’ve also learned that it goes heavenly with a French Cotes du Rhone or a nice California Syrah.  Try throwing in a touch of hot sauce into your own mac and cheese and the pairing works even better (mac and cheese with a touch of hot sauce is great even if you don’t pair it with wine).

Nowadays it’s rare when I’ll drink a pink zin so I no longer buy them for my own consumption.  But don’t let people get all snooty on you if that’s what you like.  Really, who cares?  If they don’t like it they can get something different.

But if it still bothers you, here’s what you do.  First, be willing to try something new any time you have the chance.  And experiment, just like you do with your cooking and home canning.  There’s no shortage of resources, online and elsewhere.

Last thought:  If you’re a guest in my house I really do want to be the gracious host.  That means I’d truly like to know and serve what you like.  If that means a pink zin, I hope you’d let me know so I can get a bottle … or will we be needing more than one (ha-ha)?