Food Safety

Image of Botulism Toxin, Source: Centers for Disease Control
Today's session provides a great review on preventing botulism and food poisoning. With the new growing season underway, timing is perfect for home... Read more
With winter over, our planning can finally turn to the hope of a new growing season.  These warmer days bring with them the promise, if not the... Read more
Today I am joined by Master Canner Shirley Camp to answer your questions, provide you with canning tips, and help enhance your technique for recipes.  In... Read more
Picture of Boiling Water
Placing jars of freshly canned goods into a pot of boiling water as a means to safely preserve your goodies for later consumption is one of the primary... Read more
Today's episode continues the Canning 101 theme by identifying and discussing the two recommended methods for safe home canning of foods.  Those methods... Read more
For those newer to home canning, there may be a temptation to use whatever salt is handy as opposed to what's known as "canning & pickling salt".  Don... Read more
What's the best cutting board to use for home canning? Does it matter what it's made of? What's the best way to maintain a wooden cutting board? All those... Read more
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